Outer Banks Outdoors and Fishing offer no boundary fishing trips!   Top to bottom, inshore to offshore, trips are 100% customized for you!

Fishing Report

Duck hunting around the Outer Banks is not just a past time but a way of life.  Outer Banks Outdoors and Fishing offers duck hunting trips when the conditions are right.  Early season Goose trips are also available and a fun way to go water fowling without the cold weather!  Call about different trips available or to arrange a combo fishing/hunting trip!

Welcome to Outer Banks Outdoors and Fishing! My goal for Outer Banks Outdoors and Fishing is to share with you all the things I love about hunting and fishing in Eastern North Carolina and to provide you and your family a great outdoor experience in this beautiful area! Thank you for checking out the website and I hope you will contact us soon so we can set you and your group up on a custom Outer Banks Outdoors trip!